Wordpress Cloning: What Is It And Do You Want It?

Keep headers/logos under 125 pixels high. It takes up valuable viewing space, especially for laptop users, that is best left for the good stuff to appear"above the fold." Take a cue from the big companies, simple logos done well say it all. This is our #1 pet peeve - screaming logos and headers!

Allow me to shoot a scare tactics your way since scare tactics appear to be what drives some people to take rename your login url to secure your wordpress website a bit more seriously, or at the very least start considering the issue.

I might find it somewhat more difficult to crack your password if you're one of the proactive ones. But if you're among the ones that are reactive, I might just get you.

First in line is creating a smarter password to your account. Passwords must be made with numbers and special characters. You may combine them and create small plus shifted letters. Smarter passwords can be your gateway company website to zero hackers. Make passwords that are difficult that only you can consider.

You can also create a firewall that blocks hackers. From check my blog coming to your own files, the hacker is prevented by the firewall. You must have version of Apache. Upgrade your PHP also. It's essential that your system is always full of upgrades.

These are only a few of the things I do to protect my blogs. Thing is that they don't need much time to do. These are also her comment is here options, which can be done.

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